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Research Interests

Kinematics and dynamics of the earthquake cycle, including interseismic strain accumulation and fault slip rate estimation over seismic cycle and geologic time scales.

Geodynamics and lithospheric deformation of the Himalaya-Alpine arc and the Mediterranean region using geodetic data to understand the kinematics and the dynamics of theses regions through analytical and numerical models. 

When boundary conditions related to tectonic plates cannot explain the present-day velocity field:

-Lesser Caucasus and Kura region (Vernant & Chery 2006)

-Western Mediterranean region

Pérouse et al. (2010)

Erosion-induced isostatic rebound explain extension in the inner part of Mountain ranges and question the gravitational collapse paradigm:
Numerical modeling of erosion of mountain ranges submitted to a low overall convergence

Vernant et al. (2013)